IPWEA NSW & ACT State Conference

Thank you very much for attending the face to face IPWEA NSW and ACT State Conference at the Crowne Plaza, Hunter Valley on Tuesday 23rd - Thursday 25th March 2021. IPWEA NSW and ACT were happy to see you in person after almost a year. We hope you enjoyed catching up and socialising with your colleagues and we look forward to seeing you at the next annual State Conference in early March 2022. 

The presentations from the State Conference will be available soon. 

The Engineering Excellence Award Nominations and Call for Papers will be opening shortly. Please keep a look out on our E-Bulletin for more information. 

To access the photos from the Conference, please click the button below. 



Thank you to our 2020 Partners

Platinum Partner


 Boral Asphalt
 W: https://www.boral.com.au/products/asphalt

Gold Partner

 Roads and Transport Directorate; A collaboration between   IPWEA NSW & ACT and LGNSW


 Roads & Transport Directorate
 W: https://www.roadsdirectorate.org.au/

Silver Partner 


 Public Works Advisory 
 W: https://www.publicworksadvisory.nsw.gov.au/





 Thinkproject Australia Pty Ltd
 W: https://www.ramm.com/



 Supersealing Pty Ltd
W: https://www.supersealing.com.au/


 Australian Concrete Mats
 W: https://www.concretemats.com.au/



 Local Government Procurement 
 W: https://lgp.org.au/


 Local Government Appointments 
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 Shepherd Services
 W: https://www.shepherdservices.com.au/


 InQuik Bridging Systems 
 W: https://inquik.com.au/


 Dial Before You Dig
 W: https://www.1100.com.au/



 W: www.delnorth.com



 Statewide Mutual 
 W: https://statewidemutual.com.au/



 ESP Australia
 W: www.espaust.net.au


W: www.streetstrong.com.au


 W: www.tonkin.com.au



 HUESKER Australia
W: www.HUESKER.com.au



 Fulton Hogan
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 AusFleet Software




 IPWEA Australasia
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 W: www.vaisala.com/RoadAI



 Pavement Management Services
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 Wagners Composites
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 Evolving Workshop Technologies
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 Pro-Visual Publishing
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 Resilience NSW
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 Stabilised Pavements of Australia
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 Black Moth Vision Systems
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 W: www.downergroup.com



W: https://www.mcarthur.com.au/