Municipal Engineering Foundation of NSW

The Municipal Engineering Foundation (MEF) plays a large role in supporting the activities of IPWEA NSW and its members.

Municipal Engineering Foundation (NSW) Objects of the Foundation:

  • To provide and administer the funds necessary to enable Beneficiaries concerned or interested in Public Works Engineering to undertake study and research into and to obtain experience in the science of engineering and engineering practice and allied scientific subjects in countries overseas or within the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • To provide means whereby the Benefit of such study research and experience may be made available for the common use of Members and of other persons or bodies concerned or interested in Public Works Engineering.
  • To provide the funds necessary to bring eminent speakers and other persons to Australia to lecture, to demonstrate and to conduct classes in or upon such subjects as may be calculated to assist or improve the practice of Public Works Engineering in New South Wales and the ACT.
  • For the advancement of education relating to Public Works Engineering.
  • To grant moneys from the Fund to Beneficiaries for the purpose of furthering the objects of the Foundation including incidental expenses such as travel and accommodation.

If you would like to contact the Foundation, please contact:

Att: Municipal Engineering Foundation
Level 12 447 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 02 8267 3001


Chris Watson
Ph: 02 9527 2392


John Truman
Ph: 02 6686 1256

Greg Moran
Ph: 02 6722 3269

Warren Sharpe OAM
Ph: 02 4474 1000


Francine Binns
Ph: 02 8267 3001