Members of the Road Safety Panel

Mick Savage - Roads & Transport Directorate (Chair)
Jennifer Yap - Roads & Transport Directorate
John Roydhouse - IPWEA (NSW)
Warren Sharpe OAM - IPWEA (NSW) President
Bernard Carlon - Transport for NSW
Melvin Eveleigh - Transport for NSW
David McTiernan - ARRB Group
Iris Dorsett
Melanie Suitor - Parkes Shire Council
Phillip Brooks - NSW Police Force
Peter Wright - City of Sydney Council
Chris Wilson - GTA Consultants
Sanjiv Sathiah - Local Government NSW
Paul Yannoulatos - Taylor Thomson Whitting
Terry Winning - Winning Traffic
Adam Mularczyk - Central Coast Council
David Niven - Fairfield City Council
Oleg Sannikov - TEF Consulting

Purpose of the Road SafetyPanel

The Road Safety Panel contributes, within the state-wide strategy, to making New South Wales roads the safest in the world. The goal of the panel is to enhance the collective road safety knowledge and expertise of the IPWEA membership and, by liaising with organisations with similar ideals and responsibilities, use that knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the IPWEA membership, the local government industry and the community.

Objectives of the Road Safety Panel

  • To develop IPWEA policy on road safety matters of relevance
  • To raise government awareness (at all levels) of the IPWEA position on road safety issues including providing recommendations for government inquiries or when specific action may be required
  • To increase awareness of road safety practice amongst IPWEA membership, council staff, road safety practitioners and the community
  • To enhance expertise in road safety practice amongst IPWEA membership, council staff, councillors and road safety practitioners