Purpose of the Innovation Panel

To ask Industry Leaders, Experts, Stakeholders and Young IPWEA to share challenges, issues, worries, experience and knowledge to find out what the Future Needs of the IPWEA NSW and its members are likely to be, going forward.

Objectives of the Innovation Panel

  • To be actively aware of developments in Technology and Innovation including the impact of Disruptive Technologies on behalf of members.
  • To investigate such matters as new construction equipment, software, AI, Machine Learning, new systems and management processes.
  • To disseminate this information to the membership by way of promoting Training, Conferences, e mail and blogs/vlogs.
  • To communicate advances in Technology and Innovation with third parties such as Industry and Government.

Members of the Innovation Panel

Bill Woodcock - COMPLETE Urban (Chair)
John Anderson - NSW Public Works Advisory
Francine Binns - IPWEA NSW and ACT
Tim McCarthy - Morrison Low
Nathan Skelly - Liverpool Plains Shire Council
Ashley Brinson - The Warren Centre
Roger Hadgraft - University of Technology
Michelle Whitehurst - Sutherland Shire Council
Glen Edgtton - NSW Public Works Advisory
George Bounassif - Ku-ring-gai Council
Grant Baker - Blayney Shire Council
Megan Schlotjes - Northern Beaches Council