IPWEA NSW and ACT is proud to be hosting the annual Engineering Excellence Awards which aspires to endorse and recognise excellence of Local Government and Public Works Projects. The high standard of nominations and the extraordinary people and accomplishments that have been presented this year are truly remarkable. Every single nominee deserves praise for what they have achieved.

The Excellence Awards enables all of us to appreciate the diversity and innovation of work undertaken by IPWEA Members and their employers. The Excellence Awards also provides the wider community an insight into the outstanding Public Works and Services being delivered in their local area.

This year we received a total of 73 outstanding nominations across 10 award categories highlighting inspiration, innovation, collaboration, development and completion of projects and technical management issues.

IPWEA are extremely grateful for the time and support our judges have so generously given and would like to thank them for their dedication, time and energy given in judging the Engineering Excellence Awards.

A huge thank you to the Excellence Awards Metro and Regional judging panel, Geoff Fowler, Leon Patterson, Karl Schimke, Greg Moran, Bob Missingham and Wayne Cone who had the very difficult and challenging task of inspecting the programs and projects whilst travelling across the state during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you to our category 7 judging panel, David Niven, Paul Yannoulatos and Terry Winning for their hard work in judging the Excellence in Road Safety Award.

We are thrilled to announce our new judge Alan Claire from McArthur and thank him for the extremely tough task of judging the David Abbott Award and the Public Works Leader of the Year Award.

IPWEA NSW and ACT is proud to announce this year's nominees:

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