Civil Construction is essential to the Australian economy, and even more so as we rebuild post COVID-19.  Federal and state governments will seek to build employment through new infrastructure development and maintenance of existing assets.

Through IPWEA NSW you can start your career in civil construction or make the move to management level.  IPWEA NSW is offering Recognition of your existing skills and workshops for these nationally recognised qualifications. 


RII30919 Certificate III in Civil Construction


If you are changing your career or looking to enter the construction industry this qualification gives you the starting point. Learn the basics of civil construction and specialise in one stream from the following

Stream 1 – Bituminous Surfacing

Stream 2 – Bridge Construction and Maintenance

Stream 3 – Pipe Laying

Stream 4 – Road Construction and Maintenance

Stream 5 – Road Marking

Stream 6 – Tunnel Construction

Stream 7 – Timber Bridge Construction and Maintenance

Stream 8 – Traffic Management

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RII40715 Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision


Are you interested in developing your career in civil construction?  Are you interested in working as a supervisor?  You could already have the skills and be ready to improve your pay packet!

This qualification covers general skills in management as well as specialised skills in asphalting and pavement construction, tunnel construction, earthworks, timber and concrete civil structures and tendering.  A perfect blend of supervision while maintaining a practical work site role.

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RII50415 Diploma in Civil Construction Management


Gain the skills to manage a civil construction project.  Use the skills you have developed working on civil construction projects to move into the management area.

Learn to manage and implement:

·         strategic plans

·         quality and risk management systems

·         resource procurement

·         budgets and financial plans

·         contracts

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