Course Number - RSACRA001

Trainer - Wayde Hazelton

A road safety auditor is a practicing professional with experience and capabilities in road design, traffic engineering, traffic / transport management, road construction techniques, road safety engineering, road user behaviours or another closely related road safety discipline, who is qualified to undertake road safety audits and has recent and regular demonstrated experience in conducting road safety audits. For inclusion on the register an individual needs to complete a course which has been approved by the NSW Department of Transport. The IPWEA Course in Road Safety Audits was developed for this purpose in conjunction with NSW Transport.

This course is intended to provide participants with the following education outcomes specific to conducting road safety audits:
• Knowledge of audit types
• Knowledge and skills to prepare to conduct a road safety audit
• Knowledge and skills to conduct road safety audits
• Skills to lead a team during a road safety audit
• Knowledge to document and report audit findings.






Course Number - RSALRA001

Trainer - Wayde Hazelton

This accredited course covers the skills and knowledge required to lead an audit team as they undertake a road safety audit. 

Compliance with legislative, regulatory or certification requirements may be required in various jurisdictions.

The Guidelines provide practitioners and decision makers with ways to formally address road safety issues before accidents occur. They are based on the latest information available and incorporate the combined experience of State road authorities throughout Australia, local government and Transit National. 






Launching in July 2021.

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