This handbook, formally known as Gangers Handbook,  has been produced by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) NSW Division for use by Supervisors and Site Managers within the public works industry.  This Seventh edition, has been revised and updated by the IPWEA NSW Professional Development Unit and IPWEA NSW Public Works Operations Handbook Panel.
IPWEA NSW is established to be a charity with the purpose of advancing the public works sector in Australia, particularly in NSW by:
  • conducting and publishing research into improvements to the processes used in the industry
  • working with government at all levels to ensure that the interests of the public works industry are represented in regard to the public decision-making process, and
  • providing a forum for (to inspire/educate/engage)* all people engaged in the public works to discuss best practice and enhancing the future of the industry


To enhance the quality of life of NSW Communities through excellence in public works and services


IPWEA NSW is recognised as the leading professional association that effectively informs, connects, represents and leads public works professionals for NSW.
The Seventh edition of the Handbook has been edited to consider the many changes in legislation, regulations, practices and procedures that have taken place over the past five years.
The Handbook has been produced in a durable format that is both attractive, long lasting and practical to the conditions of life in the field.
The Handbook is for use by field staff in city, urban and country situations in NSW and we also believe it will be of value to younger engineers as they gain their experience in the field.   It should be used by members of the workforce to find out what “teams” do and to open up opportunities for workers to seek advancement in their careers.  The Institute can provide assistance to staff to seek recognition for the experience they have gained and develop their skills – in a non-threatening environment, such as ‘on the job’.
In covering such a broad range of activities in the Handbook it has been kept at a level that is not too technical, and assistance should be sought of a more qualified person where required. An IPWEA Works Officers Handbook provides information and assistance at that level.
The Institute thanks the IPWEA NSW Public Works Operations Handbook Panel, John Roydhouse, Peter Cassilles, Mark Ellis, Rowan Morrison, Elsie Pathmanathan, Mick Savage and Neil Strickland who have given their valuable time, experience and knowledge to this edition.
The Handbook is currently being published and will be available for purchase shortly.