Road Industry stalwart to take on new role at the Roads and Transport Directorate.

IPWEA NSW wishes to advise that the well-respected long-standing Manager of the IPWEA NSW’s Roads and Transport Directorate, Mr Mick Savage will be stepping down from the Directorate’s manager role as he transitions towards retirement.

The inaugural manager of the Roads and Transport Directorate, Mick Savage came to the Directorate in October 2004 after a lengthy career in local government. Since that time, in partnership with Local Government NSW (LG NSW), the Roads and Transport Directorate has built a reputation within all levels of government for providing a valuable source of technical reports and assistance in all local roads and transport issues.

From providing benchmarking reports, leading the technical guidelines and trials of recycled materials in road pavements, advocating for better road safety issues including regular appearances at the NSW Staysafe Inquiries, assisting individual councils with bridges, weight of loads or their heavy vehicle management; under Mr Savage’s leadership, The Roads and Transport Directorate is a valued resource for the sector.

IPWEA NSW President, Mr Warren Sharpe OAM, has paid tribute to Mick Savage’s long and significant contribution to the local government sector. “A highlight on the annual calendar is the NSW Local Roads Congress, hosted by the RTD in Parliament House each June, and under Mr Savage’s leadership, we have seen the incredible influence and engagement with elected officials from local and state governments at this event” says Mr Sharpe.  

“In recent years, the Local Roads Congress, has seen strong Ministerial support, with significant funding announcements in the areas or road safety and addition funding for local roads and bridge announced as a  direct result of the activities of the Roads and Transport Directorate,” Mr Sharpe stated.

Mr Savage says “I am immensely proud of the activities and standing of the Roads and Transport Directorate, and the support extended to the directorate and to myself personally over many years from all stakeholders involved in the industry.”

“Local Government still has significant challenges to manage the 168,000 kilometres of road network in this state, and reducing the 380 plus fatalities each year occurring on NSW roads. Whilst I am stepping away from the Manager’ role, I am still looking forward to making a contribution to the local government sector,” says Mick.

“Emerging technologies, the continual demand for addition funding, heavier and increased vehicle movements and the ‘de engineering’ of local government, all highlight the need for the Roads and Transport Directorate to  provide increased assistance to local road managers, and I am looking forward to being able to develop additional resources in this regard,” Mr Savage states.

Mr Savage will remain in his current manager’s role until November and then take on a new project based position within the Directorate to continue to develop and disseminate valuable technical information, guidelines and professional development opportunities to local government practitioners.
IPWEA NSW will shortly begin a search for a new Manager of the Roads and Transport Directorate.

Mr Warren Sharpe OAM (IPWEA NSW President) 0409 398 358
Mr John Roydhouse (IPWEA NSW CEO) 0406 959 344