IPWEA NSW supports State Government’s Building Reform Measures

IPWEA NSW supports State Government’s Building Reform Measures

IPWEA NSW welcomes state government’s new measures requiring a mandatory registration scheme for Engineers as a step forward in restoring consumer confidence in the NSW building construction industry by passing the Design and Building Practitioners Bills 2019 last evening.

However, IPWEA NSW stands firm in our position that the state government must also deliver on its promise to introduce legislation that establishes a comprehensive Professional Engineers Registration scheme across all professional engineering disciplines.

“This is a great first step to restore consumer confidence in the building construction sector. We urge state government to extend this scheme and deliver on its commitment to introduce a professional engineers registration scheme that makes it compulsory for all practicing Engineers in NSW to be registered”, said IPWEA NSW President Mr. Warren Sharpe OAM.  

“Other states have recognized the need to ensure all people seeking to practice as an Engineer are properly accredited and registered. When we get a plumber or electrician, we rightly expect they are qualified and licensed. Yet in NSW, we can have people looking after and delivering billions of dollars of infrastructure without any requirement to be appropriately qualified and registered. Our community needs to know we have the right people delivering high value outcomes”, he added.

IPWEA NSW along with other industry bodies have repeatedly called for a registration scheme covering all types of practicing engineers along with incentivizing formal cadet engineering programs.

“We need to ensure we have the right people now and in the future. With only half of Councils in NSW growing new Engineering Cadets to service our communities, and half of all Engineers over the age of 50, who will build and look after the essential pubic infrastructure our community depends on from the moment that get up in the morning to the time they hop back into bed each night”, he said.

“Both the Australian and NSW Governments have recognized the need to drive our economy and employment forward with the largest infrastructure programs in history. We applaud this but it has to be backed up by building the skills and capacity of Professional Engineers in a similar way to the initiatives in the trade qualification space”, Mr Sharpe said.

“We would like to see the Australian and NSW Government showing leadership in this space by using a proportion of the planned expenditure to upskill the existing Engineering sector to take on higher levels skills, new innovations and technological advancements as well as incentivizing Councils and the private sector to deliver full-time Engineering cadetship programs”, Mr Sharpe said.


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