Innovation Panel Initiatives

IPWEA NSW is pleased to advise that through the initiatives of the Innovation Panel the following research projects have been lodged with a Sydney University Research Program.

  • Automated detection of roadside hazards by modifying roadside design.
  • Supporting driver aids available in modern cars through intelligent road design
  • Use of recycled plastic in local roads in regional areas
  • Making timber bridges resilient to fire
  • Remote Monitoring of Pollution Control and Fish Ladder Assets by way of recycled electronics and smartphones.

 Special thanks are due to Doctor Ashley Brinson, a member of the Innovation Panel and the Executive Director of the Sydney University Warren Centre.

 The Program allows Graduate and Undergraduate Students to work on practical real World projects as a mock Consultancy Team and then publish their research findings to the client, in this case IPWEA NSW in the form of a Research Report.

 These projects are devised from real need. The bulk of them are from the Roads and Transport Directorate whereby Arjan Rensen, the new Roads and Transport Directorate Manager put together the research briefs.

The last one however was put forward through the Innovation Panel by Jim Tsom from Parramatta City Council.

Involvement through this program includes time to talk to the students for roughly one hour once a week. Note, this is now done by video conference. The timeline is in the order of 6 weeks to 2 months.

The innovation Panel commends this approach and if any Councils have a problem or project that has been put back due to lack of resources and that would suit a University Research Project then please contact the Innovation Panel Chair, Bill Woodcock c/o IPWEA NSW”.

More details regarding the Innovation Panel can be found here.