To enhance the quality of life of NSW and ACT Communities through excellence in public works and services.


IPWEA NSW is established to be a charity with the purpose of advancing the public works excellence in Australia, particularly in NSW and ACT by:

  • conducting and publishing research into improvements to the processes used in public works and services to enhance NSW and ACT Communities
  • working with government at all levels to ensure that the interests of the community are represented in regard to the public decision-making process relating to public works and services, and
  • providing a forum for all people engaged in the public works to discuss best practice and enhancing the future of NSW and ACT Communities


IPWEA NSW is recognised as the leading professional association that effectively informs, connects, represents and leads public works professionals for NSW and ACT.

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia - New South Wales (IPWEA NSW) is a professional organisation providing services and advocacy for those involved in and delivering public works and engineering services to the community.

Previously known as the Institute of Municipal Engineering Australia (IMEA), the organisation has now expanded its traditional local government engineering focus to public works and thereby covering all levels of government and private practice.

The change of name reflects the new direction the organisation is embarking upon. Increasingly, engineers are working as part of multi-disciplinary teams, rather than working within traditional departments. Public works and services for all levels of government are being provided increasingly by consultants, contractors, suppliers of goods, services and machinery as well as those directly employed by government.

Membership criteria for IPWEA NSW is also changing from an emphasis on engineering qualifications and position within council, to criteria based on what people do in their jobs. Members come from the wide range of professions involved in public works and services - engineers, technicians, public works directors, contractors, consultants, managers, and strategic planners. Membership grades also reflect their achievements within the Institute.

To enquire about IPWEA NSW membership please contact Laura Currie - laura.currie@ipweansw.org or call (02) 8267 3001.

The evolvement of IPWEA NSW maintains the traditional expertise of local government engineering but by broadening the base of expertise and experience, adds a new dimension to public works professionalism in New South Wales.