Membership Types

Professional Member:

Any person who is actively engaged in the delivery of public works and services, holds a bachelor or postgraduate degree, may be admitted as a Professional Member. This person may be a staff member or consultant to an organisation or public agency engaged in the delivery of public works and services.

Associate Member:

Any person who is actively engaged in the delivery of or assisting others in the delivery of public works and services may be admitted as an Associate Member. This person does not hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering or an associated professional degree.

Under 35 Member:

Any person who is actively engaged in the delivery of public works and services who is under the age of 35 years may be admitted as an Under 35 Member.

Student Member:

This grade of membership is available to persons enrolled in full time or part-time studies in an accredited/recognised educational program in Australia (University or TAFE) as part of either a;

  • Two-year engineering associateship, or
  • Three-year engineering-technology qualification, or
  • A four-year professional engineering degree, or
  • Other two or more year course of study relevant to practice in public works
  • The maximum term for Student membership is 6 years.


Any member who has been a member continuously for a period of at least five years may be designated a Fellow by resolution of the Membership Committee in recognition of outstanding service to the Institute.
The criteria for designation as Fellow are to be determined by the Membership Committee and could take into account the following:

  • Active involvement with the state executive, committees, etc.
  • Outstanding and continuing contribution to the industry of public works and services
  • Outstanding and continuing contribution to their particular discipline
  • Participation in the IPWEA continuing professional development programs.

Emeritus Member:

This grade is the highest that can be bestowed on any member. It is awarded by the National Executive on the recommendation of a State Division.
To be considered eligible the member must have first attained the grade of Fellow and have served the community for at least twenty years in relation to the delivery of public works and services.
The member must have made a major contribution to the Institute for a minimum of ten years and the contributions must be outstanding in character and well recognised by both the membership and the community generally.

Senior (Over 65) Member:

This category is available to members who have retired from the workforce but wish to remain associated with the institute or are over 65 years of age.

Honorary Member:

To be eligible for the status of Honorary Member of the IPWEA, a candidate for this position must qualify under the following set of criteria. Membership in the Honorary category should be reserved for members who are worthy of this distinguished and acknowledged position, and are recognised amongst their peers as Managers, Engineers, Technicians and Associated engineering fields who have achieved leadership recognition as well as a highly respected and knowledgeable level in their industry area, and;

  •  Must have made a significant contribution towards the IPWEA, Local Government and the greater IPWEA community of members
  • Must have retired from full-time work in Engineering related services or have attained the retirement age of 65 years

Recognition of candidates for the status of Honorary Member should be considered in two (2) separate streams as outlined below. Honorary Membership would then be able to be attained by meeting the criteria as set out in category A or B below;

Category A

  • Having been a duly elected member of the IPWEA NSW Board or the LGEA for at least one term.
  • Having been a Regional Group Executive member (president/ secretary or treasurer) for at least four (4) years
  • Having attained the membership level of Fellow.

Category B

  • Membership of the IPWEA for at least 15 years
  • Member of the Directorate(Water or Roads) or a subcommittee of the IPWEA e.g. Technical subcommittee
  • Worked in or with the Local Government industry for a 15 year period.