Understanding Test Results & Compliance - 7 CPD - October 21

11:00am Wednesday, 13 October 2021
4:00pm Thursday, 14 October 2021
PD Workshops
SYDNEY, New South Wales 2000

This course by live webinar using case studies and real scenarios provides participants with the knowledge and practical understanding to enable evaluation of NATA endorsed test certificates, and to determine ‘how real they are?’. The course explores the fundamentals of measurement uncertainty, calibration, metrological traceability and sampling uncertainty.

Over the 2 half days, you will understand how to read a test report, including NATA scopes, the use of endorsements, and decision rules.  A key theme is how to detect malpractice in a report, whether it be fraudulent laboratory reporting or subsequent alteration within the supply chain.   Participants are invited to attend an option workshop to explore key themes in more depth and ask any further questions.

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Contact Information

Kym Neaylon

If you would like any further details or have any questions please contact Kym Neaylon, Executive Manage (PD) on 03 9890 5155 or kym@pavementeducation.edu.au

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