Southern Maritime and Coastal Infrastructure Forum

9:00am Thursday, 25 November 2021
7:00pm Thursday, 25 November 2021
Sector & Technical Conferences
Shellharbour Civic Centre
76 Cygnet Ave
Shellharbour City Centre , New South Wales 2529

Southern Maritime and Coastal Infrastructure Forum 

The Maritime and Coastal Infrastructure Forum is a 1 day Forum showcasing the latest innovations in Marine Infrastructure Management. Collaborate with the Marine Sector and enhance your working relationships through invaluable networking opportunities during the Forum breaks, canapes and followed by a local site tour showcasing excellence in project delivery.

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Speaker Lineup

Innovative Coastal Monitoring Using Drones, Satellites and Smart Cameras

James Carley is one of the most experienced and eminent coastal engineers in Australia. He holds a Master of Engineering Science in Coastal and Water Engineering and has over 30 years of experience in coastal and water engineering, and has undertaken over 250 separate coastal projects. James has served on Engineers Australia’s NSW Coasts Oceans and Port Engineering Panel (COPEP) since 1999 and is Chair of the National Committee on Coastal and Ocean Engineering (NCCOE).

He is a long term surfer, surf life saver and open water swimmer.





Oxley Beach Ocean Pool: A Case Study in Contemporary Coastal Design

James Carley and Nicole Larkin will provide a joint presentation. They are both are professionals in coastal engineering, design and planning. Their work jointly focuses on ocean pools in Australia and contemporary approaches to their conservation  and management as well as the proposal of new ocean pools and coastal community infrastructure.


Supporting Your Environmental Goals Through Reducing Plastic Waste and Upcycling Towards a More Sustainable Future

Stuart Neilson has over 25 years’ experience in the development of Synthetic Fibre Solutions as an alternative for the reinforcement of concrete structures both here in Australia and in Europe. He is a passionate advocate for the circular economy through sustainability in construction.


Rapid Coastal Adaptation Pathways Planning Using Probabilistic, Outcome-centric Methodology

Christian Taylor is a Principal Coastal Engineer at BMT. Christian is a certified practicing coastal engineer (CPEng) with over 20 years experience in coastal engineering, coastal management, climate change adaptation and project management. He spent the first 7 years of his career in a role focused on coastal processes modelling, flood modelling and field data collection. He has held senior technical and project management roles on coastal process studies, port infrastructure projects and climate change adaptation studies in both the public and private sectors


Importance of Hydrographic Survey Data in Maritime Projects

Richard has been involved in World Bank capacity building as a consultant on best practice surveying for engineering and navigation projects, routinely conducts dredging campaigns, environmental assessment, and marine infrastructure survey.  He holds the highest level of professional certification as a Level 1 Hydrographic Surveyor and a Master of Maritime Policy.  His experience is founded from 20 years as a Royal Australian Navy hydrographic surveyor conducting nautical charting survey, quality assurance and training. 


Shell Cove Harbour Project

Ben Morgan is a Principal Engineer within Advisian’s Marine and Coastal Facilities group and has over 17 years of engineering consulting experience. He has been involved in a wide cross-section of coastal, port and other marine related projects from the early planning and consultation phases through to design and into construction.  Ben is also the engineering lead for the Shell Cove Boat Harbour Project.


Environmental Processes, Challenges and Lessons Learnt as a Marine Construction Environmental Manager

Clint Dedden is a construction environmental manager who has overseen and managed the impacts of marine infrastructure projects including bridges, roads and ports whilst working for civil contractors, in addition to designing, constructing and consulting on coastal environmental protection works and small bridges for a variety of private and public clients, including local government. Clint is a certified specialist in construction erosion and sediment control (CPESC), and has over 20 years of experience within the coastal and maritime industries, which started under the water during his time in the Royal Australian Navy as a clearance diver.


Long-term monitoring of Port Botany Expansion Terminal

Lachlan has 22 years’ experience in photogrammetric mapping, control surveys for deformation monitoring, large detail survey projects, and specialist industrial measurement techniques. Lachlan has worked across a wide range of industries and environments from mining / heavy industry, to rail / road and remote wilderness areas. As a team leader of field staff Lachlan has successfully applied the latest technology survey instruments and techniques including total stations, laser scanning (mobile and terrestrial), drones and GNSS equipment to a wide range of challenging projects. Lachlan has a strong emphasis on quality assurance, rigorous reduction and processing of survey observations and maintenance of survey equipment.


Manning River Entrance – Strategic Business Case

Emma Maratea is a founding Director and Principal of Rhelm. She is passionate about contributing to sustainable coastal use and management and has over 18 years’ experience in coastal planning and adaptation. Emma has dual qualifications in engineering and engagement, providing a valuable role incorporating stakeholder and community interests into the implementation of coastal projects.




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