Road Surfacings - Sprayed Seals

11:00am Tuesday, 26 October 2021
2:30pm Wednesday, 27 October 2021
PD Workshops
WAGGA WAGGA, New South Wales 2650

Delivered via Zoom

This practical course by live webinar is presented in two half day packages of two sessions each, with an optional workshop session. The courses focus is on sealed roads in rural environments and is ideal for project/asset managers of roads, senior supervisors, engineers and engineering technologists, working for federal, state, or local agencies, consultants and contractors.

Presented live, the course will navigate through the Austroads Guide (2018) for selection and design of sprayed seals and presents it in a logically flowing manner. It starts with a basic-level introduction to functions of a pavement and functions of a surfacing and treatment selection. The focus is then on sprayed sealing, starting with fundamental seal design theory, followed by an explanation of the Austroads design methods for primes and initial seals, single/single, double/double, low volume roads, and heavy vehicle roads. Tutorials are given on each of these topics, together with their worked examples.  The differences for aerodrome runway seal designs will also be briefly introduced.

Sessions and Topics

Please Note: Times shown are based on Melbourne/Sydney times.

Part A - Day 1

Session 1 -  11.00am - 12.45pm
Session 2 -   1.15am - 3.00pm 

  • Functions of a Surfacing
  • Surfacings Materials
  • Surfacings Treatments
  • Treatment Selection
  • Theory of Seal Design
  • Introduction to the Austroads Guide to
  • Selection and Design of Sprayed Seals

Part B - Day 2

Session 4 -  11.00am - 2.45pm
Session 5 -   1.15am - 2.50pm 

  • Single/single Seal Design
  • Heavy vehicles Seal Design
  • Double Seal Design
  • Primes & Initial Seals
  • Aggregate Spreading & rolling
  • Aerodrome runways – a brief introduction 

Workshop - Optional


  • A live Q&A session 

Primary Presenter

Dr Kym Neaylon - Principal Engineering Advisor - Pavement Surfacings (CPEE)

Kym's early civil engineering career was a practical basis in open cut mining, local government engineering, state government, road
construction and contract superintending before specialising in bituminous pavement surfacings for the last 30 years. Coming from a
practical background, his PhD dissertation was the first in Australia in the field of sprayed sealing.

He has consulted in bituminous surfacings for most state road jurisdictions in Australia, and in New Zealand, Ethiopia and Fiji. For six
years whilst at the Australian Road Research Board he project-led Austroads research projects in areas of chip sealing, bituminous
binders, and skid resistance. Prior to that for 17 years he was the Surfacings Engineer with the South Australian Government. He is
currently the chairman of the Australian Standards committee on bitumen and related products for road making.

 Who should attend?

  • State road agency and local government engineers and managers with responsibilities in the provision, approval, design, construction or maintenance of concrete roads & pavements. This to also include project managers and senior supervisors.
  • Consulting engineers with involvement in road and/or pavement projects.
  • Road & Pavement construction contractors, engineers, project managers and supervisors.
  • Local Government engineers, project managers and senior supervisors.
  • Technical operatives and Engineering graduates and “cadets” looking for specialist knowledge for career development.

Due to its practical nature, numbers are limited for this course so it is advisable that you register quickly to avoid missing out on its unique and targeted content.

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Contact Information

Kym Neaylon

If you would like any further details or have any questions please contact Kym Neaylon, Executive Manage (PD) on 03 9890 5155 or

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