Leading Through Adversity Pilot - 30 CPD - Nov 2021

9:00am Monday, 22 November 2021
1:30pm Monday, 29 November 2021
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Leading Teams

Intro - Learn about team design, understand the significance of a good team launch and how to coach your team.

Who should attend - New leaders, leaders of mission critical teams and individual performers with aspirations to lead teams.

What will you learn - Clarity on what makes teams effective. Learn about team design, understand the significance of a good launch and how to coach your team. Learn what is critical in fast team formation in crisis situations.

How it will progress your career - Get your next team off to the best start possible. Answer those hard interview questions with clarity and knowledge.

Finding A Way Through Confusion

Intro - Don't let the complexity of today's problems hold you back from action. Learn and practice deconstructing complex problems to find better solutions.

Who should attend - Leaders and individual performers likely to be faced with difficult problems.

What will you learn  - A new way to analyse hard to solve problems work in simple, complicated, complex and chaotic environments. What kind of solutions work in each environment.

How it will progress your career - Avoid being thrust into inaction by the fast moving, volatile and ambiguous environment we work in today.

Dealing With Adversity

Intro - Learn how to support your team and to act during adversity.

Who should attend - Leaders and potential leaders likely to face with challenging times.

What will you learn - Understand how to help your team build resilience in adverse times. Communicate well with the numerous stakeholders.

How it will progress your career - Be seen as an action orientated and  supportive leader, particularly when times are tough.

The layout of the courses are as follows;

Initial training sessions – 4 hours

Business case practice – Over one month

Learning review – 2 hours

3 courses – 30 CPD Hours (10 per course)

Presenter Details - Sean Irvine

Sean Irvine is an organisational coach with 8 years’ experience as an internal organisational culture change leader, team coach and executive coach. Prior to moving into coaching leaders, Sean was a successful engineer and operations leader. During his 26 years the manufacturing industry, he has successfully led many different functions, teams and operations. He has spent significant time in large corporates and in SMEs. Sean believes that it is an organisation’s culture that delivers on strategy. Similarly, it is a team’s dynamics (how they feel expected work together) that delivers the team’s goal. Sean has a deep understanding of the causal factors and conditions that drive effective cultures and teams. Sean supports organisations to build an environment where individuals and teams can perform at the highest levels.


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