Haul Road Design Workshop - Online

11:00am Tuesday, 22 June 2021
4:00pm Wednesday, 23 June 2021
PD Workshops
SYDNEY, New South Wales 2000

This Workshop by live webinar is presented in two half day packages of two sessions each, with an optional workshop session and is ideal for those involved with heavy loaded non-highway roads, with specific emphasis on unpaved haul roads and their particular dynamics involving heavy equipment with very high pay-loads

It will provide delegates with an understanding of the overall concepts & principles of Mine Haul Road Design. Mine consultants, contractors, truck fleet operators and personnel involved with design, construction and day-to-day operations and maintenance of mine roads will benefit from the course.

The Workshop will introduce the principles of mine haul road design and will cover the philosophy of provision, road building material selection and characterisation, road-user (truck and traffic) requirements, fundamental geometric design concepts, structural (layerworks) design, sheeting (wearing course) selection and improvement.  It will also introduce rolling resistance assessment methodologies and from a haul road maintenance perspective,  haul road performance assessment and optimisation strategies, as a basis for designing or upgrading new or existing roads. Delegates will be introduced to the Haul Road Structural Design feature of CIRCLY 7.0, a proven design tool used over the past two decades in thousands of design applications world-wide. CIRCLY aids those involved in designing, constructing and using pavements.

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If you would like any further details or have any questions please contact Kym Neaylon, Executive Manage (PD) on 03 9890 5155 or kym@pavementeducation.edu.au

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