Flexible Pavement Design - BOUND Basic Principles & Practices - 7 CPD - August 21

11:00am Wednesday, 4 August 2021
4:00pm Thursday, 5 August 2021
PD Workshops
SYDNEY, New South Wales 2000

The materials content will however cover more information than is in the current Guide, as the selection of materials is critical to producing a road/pavement design that will deliver both structural and functional performance. Although predominately concentrating on unbound pavements, considerable time is allocated to designing bound pavements for light traffic as per Austroads Guide Chapter 12 – Design of Lightly-Trafficked Pavements.

Understanding and determining design traffic is fundamental to achieving appropriate structural thickness design for quality lasting bound flexible pavements. Workshop exercises will provide reinforcement to the learning.

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Contact Information

Kym Neaylon

If you would like any further details or have any questions please contact Kym Neaylon, Executive Manage (PD) on 03 9890 5155 or kym@pavementeducation.edu.au

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