Automated Detection of Road Defects Webinar

10:30am Wednesday, 11 August 2021
12:00pm Wednesday, 11 August 2021
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With the recently published Automated Detection of Road Defects Evaluation, the Roads and Transport Directorate will be holding a complimentary online webinar to showcase the findings. Participants will have the opportunity to hear first-hand about the trial of this game-changing technology and specifically what it means for councils in advancing asset data collection of their road networks. There will also be time for Q&A.

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based defect detection technologies is an emerging market that will have wide ranging impacts to the management of road and pavement assets, particularly for local government agencies tasked with their maintenance and upkeep.

In this trial we tested technology that uses video footage and machine learning algorithms for asset identification and to detect road defects. The cameras can be mounted to council vehicles like garbage collection trucks and vehicles from inspectors or rangers, that already drive the network on a regular basis.

Visual assessment and validation of the data showed over 70% accuracy in defect identification, which will be compared more closely in future evaluations. Based on the evaluation, each of the systems offers potential applications to which they could be suited. Further developments will improve the outcomes generated for each system.

Details including the link will be sent to you 1-2 days prior to the event. 

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