Roads and Transport Directorate

Overview and Objectives

The Roads & Transport Directorate commenced operations in October 2004. The Directorate was set up to meet the following objectives:

Assisting members in discharging their road management roles:

  • Effectively
  • In accordance with current legal obligations
  • Using the most recent technical practices
  • Applying consistent and cost effective asset management;


  • The Local Government Association of NSW
  • The Shires Association of NSW
  • Individual Councils and
  • Directorate members

In lobbying:

  • For a higher priority to be placed on road infrastructure provision and maintenance and
  • For a more equitable share of resources and funding

Providing for:

  • IPWEA members and
  • The Local Government Industry
  • A powerful technical and research resource on transport issues at Regional, State and National level.

For more information go to the Roads and Transport Directorate Website.

Water Directorate

The Water Directorate was established in 1999 as a technical resource for member councils. They provide:

  • an independent source of advice to councils on water and sewerage operations
  • direction on technical issues
  • networking opportunities for water and sewerage engineers to share knowledge and improve communication within the industry

For more information go to the Water Directorate Website.