Purpose of the Development Engineering Panel

To assist in the delivery of the Annual Development Engineering Forum and potentially assist in the area of stormwater, Water Sensitive Urban Design, open spaces as well as Development Engineering.

Objectives of the Development Engineering Panel

  • Promote what DVEs do and their importance to Councils and hence why young engineers should consider it as a career option (or at least part of their LG Engineer journey)
  • Have Council GMs, engineering directors and planning directors acknowledge the importance of DVEs in the assessment of DAs and subsequent gifting of asset to council. In doing so, lobby in conjunction with LGEA for salary systems that are not only skills based or dependent on budget controlled, but recognise the value of the assets accepted on behalf of council by DVEs.
  • Promote the employment of DVEs for DA and CC assessment in numbers commensurate with the number of planning and building staff in the council, rather than the reliance on private certification that seems to be growing
  • Ensure cadet engineers are rotated through the DVE team as part of their work experience
  • Means to assist DVEs in the refinement of their council’s specifications (in particular AUS-SPEC #1) and DCPs
  • Continue the IPWEA Development Engineering forums by providing topics for inclusion and sourcing potential forum panel members
  • Instigate DVE sub-groups in each regional group to assist in DVE resource and knowledge sharing and to ensure DVE topics are included in group meetings
  • Introduce a DVE stream at the annual conference

Members of the Development Engineering Panel

Will Barton - Canterbury Bankstown Council (Chair)
Craig Hopfe - The Hills Shire Council
Musarrat Khan - Dubbo Regional Council
Geoff Fowler OAM - Subject Matter Consultant
Keith Davies - Subject Matter Consultant
Giuseppe Rizzo - Griffith City Council
Jack Bond -  Murray River Council
Francine Binns - IPWEA NSW
Jenny Ban - IPWEA NSW