CPD Engineering

We Offer Extensive CPD Engineering Options to Improve Your Skillset

If you are looking for extensive, quality CPD engineering options, we provide a wide range. Our courses vary in length and can help you with numerous things from learning how to conduct a road safety audit, to how to approach and do bridge inspection and maintenance. With IPWEA NSW, you will always have new things to learn.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Place to do a CPD Engineering Course

We have compiled a short list of why we believe it is vital to choose the right team to help you with your Continuing Professional Development:

You want a team with experience and qualifications behind them. We are a Registered Training Organisation (90174) offering several intensive courses aimed at minimising your time away from work. We understand that gaining new education – especially once you have already started working – often comes at the price of losing time. We want to ensure the time you take away from work is worth every minute and can yield positive results for your future. 
You ideally need someone who is flexible in what they bring to the table. We can tailor our course content to match any of your specific requirements. We can also develop a new program for your particular organisation if you think that would be a better fit.
When you are choosing the team to help you progress, you want to have one that sources the experience of professionals far and wide. We provide different professionals to help educate you in various areas. Whether your interest is in our Australian Rainfall and Runoff course, or our Environmental Assessment course, we have the people ideally suited for the job.

What You Can Expect from Us When You Need Engineering CPD Courses

Here is a list of things you can always expect from our services:

We provide free memberships to students and discounted memberships to seniors. We pride ourselves on being able to support our future generation of engineers with free memberships and our senior generation of engineers with discounts. Becoming a member has never been easier.
We offer an excellent range of courses to suit your exact requirements. We currently offer more than 25 courses to choose from, ranging from course work to allow you to lead a road safety audit, to clearing vegetation to make way for infrastructure, to community consultation planning. We want to provide everyone with options that will only enhance their futures.
We offer various resources, including virtual events, a Development Engineering Forum, and an NSW Marine Infrastructure and Coastal Management Forum. You will always have something to go to and somewhere to learn with us.

About Us and Our Services of CPD to Engineers in Australia

As a company that has operated for hundreds of years, we have numerous divisions. We have always believed that as a not-for-profit organisation, we can have a further reach to help more people become the best engineers they can be, whether younger or older.

Our programs for continuing professional development for engineers have created countless opportunities for many people. Call us today and become one of those who benefit from exceptional courses that add to your portfolio of knowledge.